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Is it safe? Is it effective? Is it high quality?

These are the questions health professionals and consumers are asking about the tens of thousands of commercially-available dietary supplements, natural medicines, herbals, homeopathics, and other natural products. Too often consumers are forced to make decisions based on advertising rather than solid scientific evidence.

Natural Medicines Brand Evidence-based Rating (NMBERTM )
helps answer these questions for over 94,000 commercial products
The Natural Medicines Brand Evidence-based Rating (NMBERTM) system addresses this healthcare need by giving each commercial brand product an unbiased, overall rating based on scientific evidence.

For the past decade, the publishers of Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database have analyzed over 16,000 studies. After scrutinizing research results from around the world, evidence-based Safety Ratings and Effectiveness Ratings were assigned to the natural medicines that make up the ingredients in commercial brand products.

The researchers use a rigorous set of evidence-based criteria to assign an unbiased rating between 1 and 10 to each product. The NMBERTM system takes into account Safety Ratings from Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database and Effectiveness Ratings from Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database as well as manufacturing quality data directly from adverse event reporting systems, and recognized sources such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and regulatory agencies.

"Medical Professionals as well as consumers need to know which dietary supplement products are safe, effective, and manufactured and labeled properly. Many have hoped for a long time that the FDA or other reliable organization would provide this needed information. The new NMBERTM system fills this huge void in healthcare. It will help consumers and professionals avoid unsafe, ineffective products, and make it easier to find high-quality products.

Phil Gregory, PharmD, Editor
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

Products rated with lower numbers are not recommended for use due to potential safety concerns or product quality problems. Products with the highest ratings contain ingredients that have undergone studies meeting rigorous standards and have shown positive results. The NMBERTM system provides each product with an easily recognizable, color coded rating to help consumers and health professionals evaluate the highest quality products and avoid potentially harmful products.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database saves you time and provides practical evidence-based information on natural medicines

The Natural Medicine Brand Evidence-based Rating (NMBERTM) rating system is designed to work complementarily with either Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database PROFESSIONAL Version or Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database CONSUMER Version.

Both versions of Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database are well recognized as the ultimate source of practical, reliable, evidence-based data on natural medicines, including dietary supplements, herbals, homeopathics, and other natural products. It is used by large medical universities, hospitals, and governments around the world.

The publishers and editors of Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database adhere to strict policies to assure unbiased ratings and data. No advertising is ever accepted and the Database is completely independent from any drug or supplement manufacturer. Learn more about Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.

The Natural Medicines Brand Evidence-based Rating (NMBERTM) system is available in conjunction with Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database Online Access.

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